Four payment methods are available:

  1. Credit card,
  2. Debit Card [Interac] or Visa Debit
  3. Preauthorized debit
  4. Cash. (Only in store)

However, the most used way for the customer is the credit card to facilitate the transaction.

Bravo Telecom will notify you of the payment rejection (NSF) by email or/and phone. You will be asked to contact the billing department as soon as possible in order to avoid any service interruptions.

You also have the possibility to make a payment directly on your Client portal.

Yes, there is a $49.95 fee for all cable and fiber hybrid packages and $99 for all FTTN packages. Shall be payable in a single payment or in three equal installments

Generally, our billing department will send you an email extension just before the end of your term. Otherwise please contact our billing department at 514-227-4647

Transferring your phone number to Bravo Telecom is a free service offered to all our new telephony customers. If you want to transfer an additional line a fee of $ 10 must be paid.

Please send us the bill in question and we will make the necessary investigations, a response will be provided within 48 hours.

Please visit our office at 6001 Jean Talon East Street to sign a debit authorization and provide a voided check.

For an environmental concern, we opted for an online bill consultation service via your customer portal.

The starter kit is charged when you make the order and your billing cycle will begin on your service activation date.

Yes. It is your responsibility to contact the customer service in order to stop your billing. An email must be sent to in order to ensure traceability.

Any changes to your payment must be communicated as soon as possible for a good service continuation.

If you decide to stop your subscription, you will get your deposit back as soon as you bring back the equipment.

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