What’s the terms of use with a promotion at Bravo Telecom?

Term of use : SECTION 7 – PROMOTION(S)

The customer who takes a Bravo Telecom subscription related to a promotion must respect the clauses of purchase (and / or rental and deposit – if applicable.)

Customers who have subscribed and have acknowledged and accepted the conditions related to any promotion: must also respect these same conditions when they are terminated.

As a result, if the customer had been able to take advantage of a promotional equipment rental policy and a refundable deposit, the latter also agreed to return the rented hardware in good condition within 15 days following the request for termination.

In the event that the customer wants to take advantage of a new promotion in progress: he/she agrees to return the material to be able to take full advantage of this new promotion. And that by agreeing to adhere to this new offer: it losesany benefit related to the previous promotion and can not in any case return to this old promotion – whatever it is – if it has already expired.

The customer also understands that the term “free installation” clearly specifies a free service activation fee by Bravo Telecom.

In case of an address change, how long will it take to be connected at my new house?

All new addresses connections take 10 to 15 days. This is why; it is strongly advised to notify us of your move at least 15 days in advance in order to avoid any service interruption.

Upon termination, is there a fee to pay or a minimum contract period to comply with?

No, you just have to send a cancellation email to; mentioning your name, account number, and the termination date.
The services with Bravo Telecom has no minimum contract period commitment, you can cancel whenever you want.

I will travel for two or three months, is it possible to suspend my service ?

You can request a seasonal suspension for a minimum of 2 months, with a 50% payment of your monthly invoice.

Can I order online?

Yes, absolutely! Bravo Telecom has made available a very user-friendly web interface. It is comprised of three easy steps:

  1. Choosing your package and its options.
  2. Providing your personal information.
  3. Paying and printing your order details.

You can also reach us by calling our sales center at 514-227-4647 and place the order with one of our representatives.

I will travel for two or three months, is it possible to suspend my service ?

You can request a seasonal suspension for a minimum of 2 months, with a 50% payment of your monthly invoice.


How can I set up my voicemail?

Please dial * 98, press the call button, and follow the process (0 then 1 then your voicemail personal message then #). If you have forgotten your password, please contact our tech support by phone (514-227-4647) or by email at

What is the minimum time to transfer my phone number to Bravo Telecom?

The minimum period is 5 working days.

I already have a phone number with my current provider, is that I can keep with Bravo Telecom?

Yes, Bravo Telecom offers to transfer your phone number for free. Provided that your current phone number is still active with your actual telephony provider at the transfer date.


I’m moving, is there a fee to pay?

Yes, there is a $49.95 fee for all cable and fiber hybrid packages and $99 for all FTTN packages. Shall be payable in a single payment or in three equal installments

What happens if the service payment fails?

Bravo Telecom will notify you of the payment rejection (NSF) by email or/and phone. You will be asked to contact the billing department as soon as possible in order to avoid any service interruptions.

You also have the possibility to make a payment directly on your Client portal.

What are the different payment methods?

Four payment methods are available:

  1. Credit card,
  2. Debit Card [Interac] or Visa Debit
  3. Preauthorized debit
  4. Cash. (Only in store)

However, the most used way for the customer is the credit card to facilitate the transaction.


Which internet speed should I expect with your packages?

Speed differs depending on the package chosen. For example, if you opt for the hybrid fiber 30 you will receive 30Mbits in downloads and 10 Mbps in uploads, however, the transfer speed cannot be guaranteed due to several factors such as:

  • the wiring,
  • the types of equipment
  • and of course your computer and its configuration.

Can I get the internet service without having a phone line?

Of course. Our internet service is based on the cable technology there no need of a dry loop.

The technician just came to my place for the installation, but I don’t have my equipment, what should I do?

Usually, if you didn’t pay for the delivery, you can pick-up your equipment kit 48 hours before the installation date. Otherwise, you can come and get your equipment just after the technician leaves.