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Any kind of students

Going back to school after so many years without having to step a foot in a classroom or simply starting our undergraduate program may be a huge challenge, Despite the best of good intentions, we always end up spending a little more than expected.

Bravo Telecom knows that the school year will melt your bank that’s why we give 15% off on your starter kit with unlimited students.

Not only that, Bravo Telecom allows all students in Quebec, young or not so young (18 yrs old and no upper limit apply.) to take advantage of our student subscriptions.

Unlimited students plans : WHENEVER

Obviously, our downloading speed will allow you to give all of your homework on time to your teachers, especially the last-minute ones!

By choosing one of our packages you will receive offers tailored to your needs and live the experience to the fullest! Use our unlimited internet service for any group work or a well-deserved break for your end of the semester!

Still not convinced? Even with your new graduate status, Bravo Telecom will allow you to keep your student package and enjoy all your privileges until one year after your graduation without any price increase!

Student H Fiber 15

Share your school projects, watch movies on Netflix or with IP TV. Stay in touch with your loved ones with Skype!

40.95 Unlimited Monthly usage 15Mb/sDownload Speed 10Mb/sUpload speed

10th Anniversary special offer🎈🎂

Free installation

Student H Fiber 30

Share your school projects, watch movies on Netflix or with IP TV. Stay in touch with your loved ones with Skype!

43.95 Unlimited Monthly usage 30Mb/sDownload Speed 10Mb/sUpload speed

10th Anniversary special offer🎈🎂

Free installation

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Offer details

This limited-time offer applies to Bravo Telecom Residential student and graduate customers (less than a year post-graduation) and is conditional upon providing proof of student status within 30 days.

The following forms of proof are accepted: student card, tuition fee receipt, student transcript and OPUS card (with photo). If proof of student status is not provided, current rates will apply.

The offer consists of a 15% off on the starter kit during the student’s subscription.

The student must be at least 18 years old (and no upper limit apply) to take advantage of these offers.

Offers, services and rates are subject to change without prior notice and may vary by region. Certain conditions apply. Available where technology permits.

Additionals details

Our Student Fiber H packages require payment of $ 49.95 activation fee. For a limited time, the activation fee is $ 0. Student offers are subject to change without notice. For more information about of our previous policies please contact our customer service.

Activation fee includes :

  • Access setup to customer portal
  • Hardware setup

Starter kit includes:

  • Activation fee
  • Hardware purchase


  • The Starter Kit can be paid up to six (6) equal installments only with a monthly subscription.
  • Student H Fiber offer: The router isn’t available for rental. We do not configure any customer’s modem. You may bring your own router.
  • The customer may pay an amount of $ 30 for a full installation of his equipment.
  • H FIBER : The customer can choose between these two (2) purchasing policies for the modem purchase:
    • One payment at subscription
    • From two (2) up to six (6) equal installments in addition to their monthly billing
  • In case of termination prior to the activation service or during the warranty period of 15 days after installation, all fees will be refunded.
  • In the case where the new client, having chosen the starter kit purchase in two (2) or more installments, would cancel his service before making the payment in full, Bravo Telecom will be automatically collected the total of the sum due to the time of service cancellation, if the 15-day service limit is exceeded.
  • If the warranty period – 15 days of service activation – has not been exceeded upon termination, Bravo Telecom will retain part of the payments made until the return of the equipment. The customer will have a period of 15 working days to return the equipment, failing which, a complete withdrawal of the remaining balance will be made.
  • The customer who has chosen the starter kit purchase in two (2) or more installments, if he/she wishes, may voluntarily pay all of the remaining sum and thus keep his / her equipment during the termination of service.
  • The first installment of the starter kit will be automatically withdrawn when ordering. The second installment will be taken on the day that the services are installed. Other starter kit installments will be billed on the same day as the service monthly payment.
  • The first monthly services fees will be withdrawn on the day of your installation.

Fees summary :

Activation fees$49.95
Full installation$30
Modem docsis 3.0 (Speed: 15 – 60 Mbps)$70
Refurbished Router N300(Speed: 5 -10 Mbps)$25
New Router N300 (Speed: 15 – 30* Mbps)$35
New Router Gigabit (Speed: 15 – 60 Mbps)$70
Moving fee$45.95
Overage charges1$/Gb

To a maximum of 50$/month

*For more details about VoIP Service 911 see article 4, in Terms and Service and the “VOIP limits” page.

Also, benefit from the 15 days “Money back guarantee”. For more information on that offer, visit the Options page of our website.

Our unlimited offers are subject to the utilization standards. For more information please refer to our terms and conditions.