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Get 1 month free + internet free installation

Yes, Bravo Telecom offers you the first month of service for free. That’s not all! Bravo Telecom continues its wave of promotion by keeping and adding free options for a limited time. By signing up for your new services, receive the modem rental and an internet installation (activation fee ) : all for free!

Our discounts last more than a year!

Yes that exactly what we mean : our goal is not to offer you equipment with a name,like our competitors, but an equipment that performs to the fullest. In addition to offering quality service to our customers, we allow you to keep your discount, even after 12 months. Our discount lasts as long as you want! That’s pretty amazing, right ?

And if you want a different type of speed than those proposed below, no problem: Be assured that you will be entitled to your internet free installation (activation fee).

Internet Hybrid Fiber 15

Ideal for sharing photos , downloading music and watching streaming videos.

35.00 Unlimited Monthly usage 15Mb/sDownload Speed 10Mb/sUpload speed

Free installation

10th Anniversary special offer

Internet Hybrid Fiber 20

Ideal if you have multiple people connected with several devices in the same house.

40.00 Unlimited Monthly usage 20Mb/sDownload Speed 10Mb/sUpload speed

Free installation

10th Anniversary special offer

Promotional detail

[1] Eligibility period

This limited-time promotion applies to new customers who plan to subscribe primarily to some pre-selected hybrid fiber internet, duo, bundle or students services. The discount is already applied on the offers posted on our website. Not valid with any other discount or promotional rate.

This offer may end at any time without notice.

[2] Price and conditions

The offer includes free activation fees (A value of $ 49.95).

The promotion also includes a discount of up to 15% on the monthly service usage fees from some of the following packages : internet, duo, bundle and Students using these following download speeds criterias: 15, 20 and 30Mb / s.

With this limited-time promotion, the new customer get the first month of service usage free of charge. This exception to the payment does not apply to the possible multiple withdrawals from the starter kit. New clients who choose to subscribe to a semi-annually (six months) or an annual subscription (12 months) will receive an additional month of free service on their previously free period.

The new customer will also be able to purchase his starter kit in one, two or three equal installments. Modem rental is free. A deposit of $ 40 will be requested at the time of purchase. This may be refunded if the customer decides to terminate these services with Bravo Telecom.

In case of termination prior to the activation service or during the warranty period of 15 days after installation, all fees will be refunded.

In the case where the new client, having chosen the policy of purchasing more than one payment for their starter kit, cancels their service before having made all the payments, this one will be automatically collected the total of the amount due at the time of service cancellation, if the 15-day service guarantee limit is exceeded.

If the warranty period – 15 days of service activation – has not been exceeded during the termination of service, Bravo Telecom will retain part of the payments made until the return of the equipment. The customer will have a period of 15 working days to return the equipment, failing which, a complete collection of the remaining sum will be made.

The customer who has chosen the starter kit purchase in two (2) or more installments, if he/she wishes, may voluntarily pay all of the remaining sums and thus keep their equipment during the termination of service.

The first installment of the starter kit will be automatically withdrawn when ordering. The second installment will be taken on the day that the services are installed. Other starter kit installments will be billed on the same day as the service monthly payment.

About the service : The first monthly payment is offered free of charge. The second monthly payment will be withdrawn one month after the installation date.

[3] Service availability

It is offered where technology allows it.

[4] Taxes and conditions

Extra taxes. Certain conditions apply.


To see the list of equipment offered by Bravo Telecom according to your package, please click on the following link: