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Money Back Guarantee

At Bravo Telecom, we understand that choosing an internet provider can be difficult. Because of that, we offer the new ‘’Satisfied or your money back’’ option that allows you to change your mind 15 days after your installation.

As a sign of our commitment to offer you the best service day after day, Bravo Telecom offers you a protection clause that will allow you to try out the service and make sure it fits your needs.

These 15 days of trial are only available with Bravo Telecom!

For more details, please read our terms and conditions.

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Satisfied or your money back policy

If the customer is not satisfied with our services, he will have 15 days after his installation to start the cancellation process. All the fees will be refunded, except the $9.95 for the opening of a customer file (only for packages charging this fee).

Some restrictions may apply. The new payment method for semiannual and annual subscriptions can be changed or extended without notice.

Money back guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with our services, Bravo Telecom commits to refund in full of any charge (meaning your order) within 15 days after your installation.
  • After the installation, the new customer of Bravo Telecom will be given the opportunity to try out the service and make sure of its efficiency without concern.
  • The refund includes the starting fees that vary from one plan to another as well as the service fees that also depends on the chosen plan.
  • The $9,95 fee for the file opening is non-refundable (this fee is only applicable on some package)
  • The semi-annual and annual subscriptions will be fully refunded. Except for the file opening fee.
  • Please note that after 15 days of trial, the ‘’Money back guarantee’’ won’t be valid anymore.
  • Please note that the ‘’Money back guarantee’’ shall be applied only if the customer service or technical support is not able to bring any help fixing an issue within the 15 days following the installation.
  • For all equipment with a purchase policy of six (6) equal installments:
  • In case of resiliation prior to the activation service or during the warranty period of 15 days after installation, all fees will be refunded.
  • In the case where the new client, having chosen the policy of purchase in six (6) equal installments, would cancel his service before making the payment in full, Bravo Telecom will be automatically collected the total of the sum due to the time of service cancellation, if the 15-day service limit is exceeded.
  • If the warranty period – 15 days of service activation – has not been exceeded upon termination, Bravo Telecom will retain part of the payments made until the return of the equipment. The customer will have a period of 15 working days to return the equipment, failing which, a complete withdrawal of the remaining balance will be made.
  • The customer who has used the purchase policy in six (6) payments, if he / she wishes, may voluntarily pay all of the remaining sum and thus keep his / her equipment during the termination of service.
  • The first installment will be automatically withdrawn when ordering. The second installment will be taken on the day that the services are installed.
  • The first monthly services fees will be withdrawn on the day of your installation.
  • Some conditions may apply. This clause may change or be extended without notice.