Benefit from our web TV offer by paying one of the following fees:
Services Price
Purchase of the Bravo Box $119.95 $89.95
Have access to our online TV by using at least a 10 Mb/s internet upload speed with Bravo Telecom. An unlimited data plan is mandatory to have access to our TV offer.

Offered for free, without any monthly fees or contract, our streaming tv will adapt to any budget and any TV fan preferences! The offer from Bravo Telecom will adapt to your way of life. You won’t have to move from the comfort of your living room since we offer the configuration of the equipment from distance.

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Our IP TV offer will allow you receive a high quality sound and image definition. Watch our international broadcasts and live an exceptional cinematic experience. Enjoy our Video on demand section including hundreds of content : latest movies, tv shows and cartoons.

Discover our channels
Visit our supplier’s STREAM TV PLANET website to discover the broadcasts available.

Visit our supplier’s STREAM TV PLANET website to discover the broadcasts available. Have a look to our provider’s website for information on our international channels selection like international sport programme, telenovelas or international shows!

For $0/month, Watch our international broadcasts for free !


15 Mbps hybrid fiber Internet high speed with unlimited data plan


Unlimited local calls and 200 minutes/month of long-distance calls toward Canada and the US

$52.95 /month

Combine and save 5% of discount on your monthly bill

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Offer Details

This TV offer is exclusive to Bravo Telecom.

The TV offer is given for free with our unlimited data plans with an upload speed of at least 10Mb/s, starting at $49.95/month.

The internet service must be provided by Bravo Telecom.

It is mandatory that the client has access to unlimited data to be able to benefit from our TV offer.

The minimum of 15 Mb/s speed, starting at $42.95/month, and the unlimited data are mandatory and cannot be changed afterwards.

The monthly internet usage of an IP TV service can be calculated the following way on a 8hrs/a day basis:

TV IP broadcasts (these calculations are subjective)

  • IP TV channels = 0.22 Mb/s = 800 Mb/hour x 8 h/day = 195.2 Gb/month

If you want to benefit of the TV offer, one of these service fee will have to be paid.

Services Price
Purchase of the Bravo Box $119.95 $89,95


To know the different broadcasts available visit our supplier's STREAM TV PLANET website for more details

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