FLEXgo. is finally here!

Your residential internet consumption is stable but you exceed the dowload limit of your plan from time to time? Then, FLEXgo is made for you!

Because your satisfaction is our priority, BravoTelecom created a tool called FLEXgo, to allow you to enjoy the advantages of an unlimited download plan without paying the full price.

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Le FLEXgo est enfin arrivé !
Le FLEXgo est enfin arrivé !

For only 1$/month, choose the plan that fits your needs and if you exceed the download limit, you will be charged for the plan that fits your consumption the most. This option is only applicable for 400Go internet plans.

Avoid the 1$ per Go exceeding fees (going up to 50$ per month) with FLEXgo. You will go back to your usual pricing if the initial limit is not exceeded.

Ex: Hybrid fiber internet 15Mb with a download limit of 400go at 38.95$

Exceeding download limit without FLEXgo

Monthly limit 400go
Monthly downloads 500go
Monthly bill 38.95 $
Exceeding fees 50.00 $
Total 88.95 $

Exceeding download limit with FLEXgo

Monthly limit 400go
Monthly downloads 500go
Monthly bill 38.95 $
FLEXgo fee 1 $
Exceeding fees 0
FLEXgo upgrade to unlimited plan 42.95 $
Total 43.95 $

These comparative charts show that FLEXgo allows anyone with a stable consumption but that occasionnaly exceeds the download limit to make big savings on their monthly payment.

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Offer details

Those who are eligible to use FLEXgo are those who currently have a download limit of 400 Go. This offer is applicable for monthly paid plans and semi-annual and annual pre-paid plans.

Anytime during the month, you are allowed to ask for FLEXgo to be added to his plan. However, you will be able to take advantage of FLEXgo, only if the download limit is not already exceeded.

FLEXgo costs only 1$/month. If you subscribe to the FLEXgo and didn’t exceed your download limit, the 1$ fee will still be charged.

If you exceed your download limit, you will have to pay 1$/month for FLEXgo, and will benefit from an upgrade to the plan that fits the most your consumption. The upgrade will be valid for the months where the consumption has been higher than the limit of your initial plan. Once the limit is respected, the monthly payment will be of the initial plan with an extra 1$ for the FLEXgo

The upgrade will depend on the amount of exceeding Go consumed: For a monthly consumption between 400Go and unlimited data : the fare the client will have to pay will be of an unlimited data plan.

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