Included in all our offers
  • A reliable and powerful wifi network
  • No hidden fees
  • Exclusively FLEXgo
Duo FTTN 7

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400 GB monthly usage
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Monthly usage : 50GB 250GB 400GB Unlimited
  • 400GB monthly usage
  • Speed up to 7Mb/s downstream
  • Speed up to 1Mb/s upstream
  • 1 residential line
  • Unlimited local calls
  • 200 min of long-distance calls per month across Canada and the U.S.
What do you get with 7 MB/s ?
Music – 5 MB 0.1 minutes
Video – 50 MB 1 minutes
Cinema – 700 MB 13.3 minutes
Great Internet. Better Service.

With a reliable and powerful fiber network, high speeds up to 50 Mb/s, and a wireless connection included with all our packages. At Bravo Telecom, we promise to give our client a great internet experience at very low prices.

Fast. Reliable. Wireless

Internet powered by robust and high-performance equipment! Included in each package, a TP Link wireless modem at an unbeatable price with a lifetime price guarantee.

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Offer detail

Internet fiber to your neighborhood, then a powerful copper network from the neighborhood central to your home with a high performance Ip Telephony.

Our phone service includes:

• Unlimited local calls
• 200 min long distance across Canada & USA 
• Caller ID name + number
• Call waiting
• Three-Way Calling
• Advanced voicemail
• 911 emergency service*

To use our FTTN Duo packages, we offer our TP Link wireless modem at only $49.95.

To subscribe to any of the above packages a $49,95 Starter Kit is required. It includes :
• Activation fees
• Hardware setup
• Service installation fees
• Access setup to customer portal

Fees details
• The sale price of the TP Link wireless modem is $49.95
• In case of cancelation before the installation a $35 will be retained.
• Customers have the choice between leasing and purchasing the phone adapter:
Rental: A $ 20 deposit is required on the day of the order. This deposit will be refunded at the end of the subscription. A rental fee of $2.95/month will be added to your monthly payment.
Purchase: A $50 payment is required on the day of the order. No additional fees will be charged.

Fees summary



 Starter Kit


 HS Wireless Modem


 Phone Adapter


 20$ (Deposit)


 Phone Adapter



 Moving fee


 2nd phone line


 Unlimited long-distance  calls


 Ouvrage charges


 To a maximum of  50$/month

Offer subject to the standards of residential use, for more specific information please consult our terms of use.

*For more details about Voip Service 911 see article 3, paragraph 7.1 and 7.2 in Terms and Service

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