Included in all our offers
  • A reliable and powerful wifi network
  • No hidden fees
  • Exclusively FLEXgo
Internet FTTN 25
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Unlimited monthly usage
Monthly usage : 50GB 250GB 400GB Unlimited
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Speed up to 25Mb/s downstream
  • Speed up to 10Mb/s upstream
  • Without term contract
  • Guarantee on hardware
What do you get with 25 MB/s ?
Music – 5 MB 0 minutes
Video – 50 MB 0.3 minutes
Cinema – 700 MB 3.7 minutes
Great Internet. Better Service.

With a reliable and powerful fiber network, high speeds up to 50 Mb/s, and a wireless connection included with all our packages. At Bravo Telecom, we promise to give our client a great internet experience at very low prices.

Fast. Reliable. Wireless

Internet powered by robust and high-performance equipment! Included in each package, a TP Link wireless modem at an unbeatable price with a lifetime price guarantee.

Unlimited phone

Enjoy our IP phone by adding a little extra to your internet bill! Get unlimited local calling and also all the advanced telephony options in our duo packages. We offer you a robust phone adapter in rental and sale.

Add a little extra
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Offer detail

Internet fiber to your neighborhood, then a powerful copper network from the neighborhood central to your home.
All our packages include a wireless router and a high-speed modem in free rental.
To subscribe to any of the above packages a $49,95 Starter Kit is required. It includes :

• Activation fees

• Hardware setup

• Service installation fees

• Access setup to customer portal

•The wireless router and the high speed internet modem are in free rental.
Clients will use these hardware during the duration of their subscription, and return them after cancelation.
In case where hardware is not returned after service cancelation a $ 45 fees for modems and $ 25 fees for routers will be charged.

•In case of cancelation before the installation a $35 will be retained.

Fees summary :

 Service  Price
 Setup  49,95$
 Modem/Router (≤ 15Mb/s)  49,95$
 Modem/Router (≥ 25Mb/s)  69,95$
 Moving fee  99$
 Overage charges  1$/Gb
 To a maximum of 50$/month

Offer subject to the standards of residential use, for more specific information please consult our terms of use.

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