Included in all our offers
  • A reliable and powerful wifi network
  • No hidden fees
  • Lifetime warranty on all hardware
Duo FTTN 10 Business

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400 GB monthly usage
Monthly usage : 400GB Unlimited
  • 400GB monthly usage
  • Speed up to 10Mb/s downstream
  • Speed up to 1Mb/s upstream
  • 1 residential line
  • Unlimited local calls
  • 200 min of long-distance calls per month across Canada and the U.S.
What do you get with 10 MB/s ?
Music – 5 MB 0.1 minutes
Video – 50 MB 0.7 minutes
Cinema – 700 MB 9.3 minutes
Packages for all budgets

With our DSL and FTTN packages, share your media files, attend your Webinars and video conferences at full speed. Browse, search and keep in touch: it is simple and affordable. We provide you with download speeds up to 50Mb/s. At Bravo Telecom, we promise to make you live a fast and smooth internet experience at affordable prices for your small and medium businesses!

Fast. Reliable. Wireless

Bravo Telecom provides small and medium enterprises robust and efficient equipment. Included in each package, a TP Link wireless modem at an unbeatable price with a lifetime price guarantee.

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Offer detail

Offer detail

Internet fiber to your neighborhood, then a powerful copper network from the neighborhood central to your home.
To use our FTTN packages, we offer our Sagemcom wireless modem/router.
To subscribe to any of the above packages an activation fees at $30 is required. It includes :

  • Access setup to customer portal

  • Hardware setup

  • Service installation fees

To subscribe to any of the above packages , applications fees at $9.95 is required.

+ Fees details

  • The sale price of the TP Link wireless modem ( FTTN offers)  is 45.95$. The modem/router cannot be rented.

  • In case of cancellation before or after the installation a $9.95 fees will be retained.

  • The first monthly payment will be withdrawn on the day of your installation.

Fees summary :



Activation fees (FTTN)


Application fees


Wireless Modem purchase


Configuration of your own device


Full installation-Business


Moving fee


Overage charges


To a maximum of $50/month

*For more details about Voip Service 911 see article 4, in Terms and Service.

Also benefit from the 15 days  ‘’Money back guarantee’’ warranty. For more information on that offer, visit the Option page of our website.

For only 1$/month, benefit of an unlimited data plan without paying for it with the FLEXgo option. For more information on that option, visit the FLEXgo page of our website.

Our unlimited offers are subject to the utilization standards. For more information see the terms and conditions.

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