Included in all our offers
  • A reliable and powerful wifi network
  • No hidden fees
  • Exclusively FLEXgo
Internet Hybrid Fiber 20

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Unlimited monthly usage
Monthly usage : 250GB 400GB Unlimited
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Speed up to 20Mb/s downstream
  • Speed up to 10Mb/s upstream
  • Without term contract
What do you get with 20 MB/s ?
Music – 5 MB 0 minutes
Video – 50 MB 0.3 minutes
Cinema – 700 MB 4.7 minutes
Great Internet. Better Service.

With a reliable and powerful cable network, high speeds up to 120 Mb/s, and a wireless connection included with all our packages. At Bravo Telecom, we promise to give our client a great internet experience at very low prices.

Fast. Reliable. Wireless

Internet powered by robust and high-performance equipment! Included in each package, a Motorola modem and a wireless TP Link router, leased for a small fee!

Unlimited phone

Enjoy our IP phone by adding a little extra to your internet bill! Get unlimited local calling and also all the advanced telephony options in our duo packages. We offer you a robust phone adapter in rental and sale.

Add a little extra
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Offer detail

*Promotional Details

For a limited time, get free installation (A $85 value)

Nearly 15% discount on internet hybrid fiber 15 with unlimited usage data. The package cost $49.95/month instead of $56.95/month. Offer ends November 30, 2016. Some restrictions may apply. Offer may be changed, be extended or shortened without notice.

Offer details

Internet fiber to your neighborhood, then a powerful cable network from the neighborhood central to your home.

To subscribe to any cable/hybrid fiber packages a $9.95 application fee is required.

To subscribe to any cable/hybrid fiber packages a $9.95 activation fee is required.

It includes :

  • Hardware setup

  • Access setup to customer portal

+ Fees details

  • The router/modem high-speed Wi-Fi is leased at $1.50/month. An amount deposited will be requested at the time of your order. Upon termination, the customer will be reimbursed their deposit as soon as the rented hardware is brought back.

  • You can also purchase our modems in one payment of $19.95 or $29.95 depending on the package chosen.

  • In case of cancellation before or after the installation a $9.95 fees will be retained.

  • The customer can bring their own equipment. Only a small number of devices are allowed. Please visit our order page to know more about our list.

  • Activation fee is offered for free to customers who purchased Bravo Telecom’s modem

  • The first monthly payment will be withdrawn on the day of your installation.

Fees summary :

                                 Service                    Price
           Activation fees (Cable/Hybrid fiber)                          9.95$
                           Application fees                   9.95$
                                Moving fee                  49.95$
                           Overage charges


   To a maximum ofde 50$/month


       Devices (Cable/Hybrid fiber)   Purchased                    Rental
     SB5101 Modem (Cable 5 to 10)           19,95 $       $1.50/mo* + $10 deposit.  
        Hitron Modem (H Fiber 15 ≥)       29,95 $       $1.50/mo* + $20 deposit.
                    Router TPLink       29,95 $       $1.50/mo* + $20 deposit.

*Renting fees will be cancelled upon the seventh month of uninterrupted service

Receive a $10 discount by making your order online. The $10 discount includes only the starting fees of the Internet and Duo plans. It doesn’t include any of the telephone plan.

Also benefit from the 15 days ‘’Money back guarantee “warranty. For more information on that offer, visit the Option page of our website.

For only $1/month, benefit of an unlimited data plan without paying for it with the FLEXgo option. For more information on that option, visit the FLEXgo page of our website.

Our unlimited offers are subject to the utilization standards. For more information see the terms and conditions.

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