Press release | Fact Checking: Has the CRTC Really Acted to Increase the Choice and Affordability of High-Speed Internet?


Bravo Telecom has cautiously welcomed the CRTC’s recent action to increase choice and affordability of high-speed Internet, as per its announcement aimed at enhancing the fiber internet landscape.

Beyond this promotional effect, we have noted that the wholesale rates set by the council are higher than many retail prices that Bell and Telus offer to their customers.

For example, for a speed of 300Mbps, an independent provider like Bravo Telecom must pay Bell a wholesale price of $68.94, while the latter offers the same speed to its end customer for $50 ! ¹

Therefore, we question the impact of such a decision by the council as we see it disconnected from the economic reality of the sector.

When the CRTC opens the market to independent ISPs through the door of infrastructure, it immediately closes it through the door of price; this observation illustrates the contradictions of the regulator and betrays its powerlessness.

About Bravo Telecom:

Bravo Telecom, the largest independent provider in Quebec, has been proudly offering internet, telephony, and television services for over 15 years. True to its values of closeness, simplicity, and affordable pricing, Bravo Telecom is committed to equitable internet access in Canada.

Source : Bravo Telecom Inc.
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 ¹ Proposed price by Bell’s subsidiary, Ebox, for the 300mbps speed. (Nov 7th 2023)