Yes, Bravo Telecom offers to transfer your phone number for free. Provided that your current phone number is still active with your actual telephony provider at the transfer date.

Please dial * 98, press the call button, and follow the process (0 then 1 then your voicemail personal message then #). If you have forgotten your password, please contact our tech support by phone (514-227-4647) or by email at

Transferring your phone number to Bravo Telecom is a free service offered to all our new telephony customers. If you want to transfer an additional line a fee of $ 10 must be paid.

Bravo Telecom offers 200 free minutes of monthly long distance calls. For overseas calls, you must purchase a calling card compatible with IP telephony; we recommend you Fona or Ultra brands.

Usually, if you didn’t pay for the delivery, you can pick-up your equipment kit 48 hours before the installation date. Otherwise, you can come and get your equipment just after the technician leaves.

Yes, the provided equipment are already preconfigured. And with the instructions that you will receive with your starter kit, you will be able to plug your equipment by yourself.
If you find it difficult to do so, please contact the technical support at 514-227-4647.

Yes. You can reach the technical support by phone, email or chat from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm and Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm.

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