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Discounts for those who are moving out…

For the 10 years of Bravo Telecom, enjoy a multitude of discounts before the moving!

Because we want to thank you for your loyalty, Bravo Telecom offers discounts that meet your expectations.

When you buy the brand-new Motorola SB6121 Modem, get 80% off your internet service moving expenses and enjoy up to 22% off by choosing one of our anniversary packages.!

To know in detail how much you will save:

Package Standard Price Anniversary Price
5M $32.95 $29.95
15M $42.95 $40.95
30M $52.95 $43.95
60M $62.95 $48.95

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…and those who don’t this summer !

To be able to enjoy the many discounts, you must have an eligible address for pre-selected cable offers and buy our SB6121 modem.

This mystery promotion also applies to customers who are not moving out!

 You are not moving. No problem! Transfer your internet line to cable technology and enjoy the same benefits and conditions. A fee of $19.95 for technology transfer will be charged.

See an overview of our pre-selected offers with discount already applied on the presentation board (Fees board):

Fees Standard With promotion*
Moving expenses $99 $19.95
Modem Docsis 3.0 $70 $49.95
TP Link N300 Refurbished Router $25 $0
Packages No offer Almost 22% off previous offers **

* Offer subject to the availability of the cable internet service at the customer’s address.

** Discounts – already applied – are only present on some pre-selected hybrid offers.

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Offer detail

Eligibility Period

This limited-time offer applies to existing customers using FTTN internet technology and plans to subscribe primarily to the pre-selected hybrid fiber internet service. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional rate. This promotion can be shortened, extended, and suspended without notice.

Price and terms

Customers wishing to take advantage of the many discounts of this mystery offer will need to have an eligible – and therefore valid – address allowing them to install and use the hybrid fiber/cable technology.

It is also important to note that buying the S6121 modem through Bravo Telecom is required to enjoy this offer. The $70 S6121 Docsis 3.0 modem is available for $49.95 only to Bravo Telecom customers with FTTN technology.

Moving expenses ($99) are also reduced to $19.95.

Bravo Telecom also offers a refurbished N300 router for rent free of charge worth with a one-year warranty.

If a Bravo Telecom customer uses FTTN technology and is not planning on relocating during the promotion, but still wants to take advantage of this mystery offer, they will not have to pay the moving expenses to enjoy this offer. Nevertheless, they will have to pay .95 for the transfer of FTTN technology to cable/hybrid fiber technology.

The offer also includes a discount of up to 22% on the monthly service fee of the following offers: Internet, Duo, Trio and Students using hybrid fiber technology. The use of the term “free setup fee” in this offer means that Bravo Telecom company bears the activation fee. The discount is already applied on the offers posted on our website.

Service availability

Offered where technology allows it.

Taxes and conditions

Taxes are not included, certain conditions apply