Instruction connect modem and phone please

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Kalaivani Jeyasunther asked 2 années ago


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Bravo Telecom personnel answered 2 années ago

Hello Kalaivani Jeyasunther,
We didn’t quite understand your question. We will try to help you the best way possible.
If your question is about the online router interface:
Both user name and password are: admin
If you wanted the password of your WI-FI, just look at the back of your router (white material) you will see the wireless password PIN. Enter all digits.
If none of this information was the answer to your question. Please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 514-227-4647 as soon as possible and a technician will help you connect your equipment properly.
Team Bravo Telecom

Bravo Telecom personnel answered 2 années ago

Hi Kalaivani Jeyasunther,
When we checked your account we could see that one of our technicians has already contacted you. We could also see that our on-road technician would shortly get in contact with you to schedule an appointment. Nevertheless, we will also share our installation video. The video is in French and is also available with English subtitles.
Our video:
Hoping this issue will be resolved as soon as possible,
Team Bravo Telecom

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